NICE Guidelines for the treatment of headaches

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The British Chiropractic Association (BCA) was pleased, as a Stakeholder, in conjunction with the Anglo European College of Chiropractic to have input to the Guideline Development Group:
“Headaches – Diagnosis and management of headaches in young people and adults”
In several studies, the clinical trials used to base best practise guidlines, suggest that manual therapy is at least as good as conventional care for headaches. More recent trials, not yet considered by NICE, show even more favourable outcomes (1) (2).

Medication overuse has been associated with harm. The BCA suggests that manual therapy is a low risk intervention that may offer relief to those who do not wish to take medication.

The BCA supports the need for further research into this often debilitating condition. The research should include the class of cervicogenic headaches responsible for one in six cases of headache caused by neck problems which have not been included in the NICE guidelines.

(1). Effectiveness of manual therapy for chronic tension-type headache: a pragmatic, randomised, clinical trial. Castien RF, van der Windt DA, Grooten A, Dekker J. Cephalalgia. 2011 Jan;31(2):133-43.
(2) Dose response and efficacy of spinal manipulation for chronic cervicogenic headache: a pilot randomised controlled trial. Haas M, Spegman A, Peterson D, Aickin M & Vavrek D. The Spine Journal 2010; 10:117-128.

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