Straighten Up!

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Standing-PostureThis exciting initiative was first developed by Life University, launched as Straighten Up America and has subsequently been launched by several other countries.

The BCA is pleased to have picked up this fantastic programme and to be taking it forward for use in the UK under the registered mark of Straighten Up UK (SUUK). SUUK is a posture care programme that aims to improve the nation’s posture and to help prevent back pain by promoting balance, strength and flexibility in the spine. The BCA wants to encourage people to start using the simple, daily three minute straighten up exercise routine designed to strengthen and improve posture for adults and children alike.

The message at the heart of the campaign is that the effects of bad posture are two-fold. Not only does it affect health but also how people are perceived or judged by others.

Back Pain

Increasingly, individuals of all ages are experiencing back pain and back discomfort and much of this is related to poor posture. As a nation we live ‘stop/start’ lifestyles; dashing about one minute, full of stress and time pressure and then subject ourselves to long periods of sedentary behaviour; driving longer distances, playing computer games and watching TV. Every year, back pain results in billions of pounds in losses due to lost days at work, sickness benefit payments; not to mention the reduction in people’s quality of life.


Bad posture or slouching can also have a negative impact on how a person is perceived; this is especially evident in important situations where first impressions really count such as a job interview or first date.

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