Treat that Pain in your Neck

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Manipulation, such as that offered by chiropractors and home exercises are both more effective than medication for relieving neck pain in the short and long term, according to results from a study published in the January 3, 2012 issue of the Annals of Internal Medicine.

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Cycle to work – feel wheelie good

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Bike on one wheel by Felixe, some rights reserved

Cycling regularly to work (and, by extension, to school and on other regular journeys) has been shown to be the most effective thing an individual can do to improve health and increase longevity, and this applies even to people who are already active in sport and other physical activities (Andersen, Schnohr, Schroll and Hein, 2000). Cyclists typically have a level of fitness equivalent to being 10 years younger (Tuxworth, Nevill, White and Jenkins, 1986). A UK parliamentary health committee  noted:

“If the Government were to achieve its target of trebling cycling in the period 2000-2012 … that might achieve more in the fight against obesity than any individual measure we recommend within this report.” (TSO 2004)

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Fish Food

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Grilled Kitong Fish by whologwhy, some rights reserved

Following a winter period and a reduced exposure to the sunlight we may find ourselves Vitamin D deficient.  Vitamin D aids calcium absorption and plays a vital role in many metabolic processes.  A good source of vitamin D is fish oil. Consider: Sardines or Mackerel in tomato sauce. Oily fish not only provides high concentrations of vitamin D but also contains high levels of Omega 3 which can work as an anti inflammatory agent.

Rehab Tips from Chris Furber, Great British Paralympic Squad Coach

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Whatever goals you want to achieve you must try to enjoy the ‘journey’  that gets you there.  If you’re not having fun then what’s the point?  That’s the dominating theme that runs through my coaching style.

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Try Pilates to treat back pain

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Pilates by Jo-h, some rights reserved

Back pain and modern life style go together like a ‘horse and carriage’ (in the words of Frank Sinatra). Can you have one without the other? Pilates (prescribed abdominal exercise) may help you.

According to a new 2012 study published in the journal: Medicine & Science in Sports and Exercise, Pilates can be as effective at easing and strengthening lower back conditions as any other general exercise programme.

Researchers randomly assigned 44 people to a dedicated Pilates programme and another 43 subjects to a general exercise regime for six weeks. Subjects were aged up to 70 years of age and had experienced chronic low back pain for at least 3 months.

Both groups received a questionnaire after 6, 12 and 24 weeks that qualified pain and function and general health related quality of life.

After only 6 weeks, both groups showed significant improvements regarding pain and disability, the Pilates group showed greater gains overall.

The study suggests that Pilates should be considered for many low back rehabilitation regimes.

(full article found in : Medicine & Science in Sport & Exercise, Official journal of the American College of Sports Medicine)

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