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Commute by bike

Commute by bike!

It may be cold, dark and occasionally wet outside, but continuing to commute by bike to work during winter has a host of health benefits – so don’t give in

As the weather takes a turn for the worse and the nights start to draw in closer, the thought of riding to and from work during winter becomes ever less appealing.

It’s understandable though. After a hard day, the thought of pedalling home through harsh weather conditions doesn’t exactly fill the body with excitement and enthusiasm. However, it’s important you keep at it, as regular riding over the winter will not only maintain your fitness levels, but also help build momentum for when the sportive or racing season starts again in spring.

Riding to and from work during autumn and winter can be tough, but with the right clothing, bike modifications, lights and willpower, it’s easily achievable. For the good of our heart, health and wellbeing, more people should be turning to two wheels, whatever the weather.

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Five Alps For Simon

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A message from Dom and Matt:

ready for the off“We are joining five nervous men and taking on the French Alps in September this year. The challenge is to commemorate the loss of a friend, Simon Cupitt to Motor Neuron Disease (MND) in January 2013. Simon was a very keen athlete, in-particular a kayak instructor in the French Alps and a very good cyclist having completed the Etap du Tour (a monstrous pro-like tour).

The Challenge takes in five of the main Col’s seen in the Tour du France, the Col du Telegraphe, Col du Galibier, La Croix de Fer and Alpe D’Huez followed by ‘The Beast of Provence’ Mont Ventoux. All in all this is over 10,000 meters of climbing. All riders will be self funding and all donations will be given to the Motor Neuron Disease Association (MNDA).

MNDA are an amazing organisation with regular news updates on the battle against MND

Matt and I will be training regularly to toughen us up for the 4 days sat in our saddles and for the accumulative effect of riding consecutive days. The training should help improve, heart rate, power output, pedal stroke efficiency, leg dominance and cadence not to mention our ability to fit in lycra.

Should you have any questions please contact me (Dom) or Matt (

We will keep you posted regarding our MNDA challenge in our newsletters

We would like to thank everybody who has offered support so far. If you would like to sponsor/donate please do so at”

Sports Chiropractors

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A British chiropractor has achieved his dream! As team chiropractor to Red Bull’s Formula One Racing Team, he is immersed in the fast-paced and glamorous world of motor racing, travelling the globe and providing chiropractic care to some of the legends of motor sport.

Paul (Paul Cheung – based in Leeds) qualified from a British chiropractic college in 1990. His interest in sports chiropractic started while he was a student working as an intern within the college clinic (Portsmouth):”I was in the final year at Portsmouth when a golfer came in with a back complaint. After treatment he could hit the ball further and straighter than he had before sustaining the injury. It kindled an interest and I saw first-hand what chiropractic could do”.

Before getting involved in motor racing Paul’s specialist work was within football. Since 2000 he has been the team chiropractor to Leeds United after volunteering to take a look at a player who had sustained a head injury. Leeds were so impressed with Paul’s management of the case that they retained his services and since then Paul has gone on to work with Middlesborough and Sheffield Football Clubs.

Paul’s golden opportunity came in 2007 when he was telephoned by F1 driver Mark Webber’s trainer and asked to get involved with Red Bull Racing. After two test sessions in Spain, he was invited to join the team.

There aren’t many chiropractors who have to fight their way through hoards of fans and media scrums to get to work, but on race day that’s exactly the challenge Paul faces: “On the morning of race day, Tommi (Sebastien Vettel’s trainer) and I get up to go to the hotel gym for a light training session. We then change into our team kit and have breakfast. We have a car supplied by our sponsors to take us to the track and on the way Sebastien usually stops to meet fans who have gathered to see him. It’s a very similar experience arriving here at Tettenhall Chiropractic Clinic.