How many visits will I need?

Your response to chiropractic care will generally depend on a number of factors:

  • Your particular condition.
  • How severe it is.
  • How long you have had your condition.
  • How much of your chiropractors advice you follow.

There are three stages of chiropractic care.

Initial Intensive Care

This is usually where most patients begin there chiropractic care.  Visits can be frequent, depending on the severity of your condition.  The primary focus is to reduce or eliminate your most obvious symptoms.

Corrective Care

When you ache or pain diminishes, the objective is to stabilize spinal function and promote a more complete healing.  Muscles and soft tissues of the spine are strengthened during this stage of the care, helping to avoid a relapse.

Wellness or Elective Care

With the maximum restoration of spinal function, many patients enjoy regular chiropractic check-ups. This type of preventative or wellness care can save time and money by keeping minor problems from becoming more serious.

Periodic review examinations help determine the course of your care.  When you are feeling better, your chiropractor may advise some type of ongoing chiropractic care. Like brushing your teeth, eating wholesome foods and other healthy habits, regular check-ups make sense. How long you decide to benefit from chiropractic care is always up to you.